Team Based Approach to Medical Care

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Alzheimer’s: A Team-Based Approach to Health Care
Susan Medhurst
Grand Canyon University: HCA 515

Unfortunately, there is no single form of identifying test that can tell you if you have Alzheimer’s or if you are just forgetful. For those patients dealing with other illnesses like thyroid problems, depression and other health problems, memory loss is a very common side effect to their illness, which makes identifying Alzheimer’s even more difficult (Alzheimer’s association, 2013). This disease often goes unnoticed until the patient has reached a moderate to advanced stage because of the commonality of the indicators in early stages such as forgetfulness of where you put your car keys (Alzheimer’s association, 2013). Currently over five-million American’s have Alzheimer’s. This number will begin to increase as the baby boomers age and life expectancy is extended. The risk of getting Alzheimer’s only increases as we age with number of people doubling every 5-year interval beyond the age of 65 (Alzheimer’s association, 2013).
Case Study
Eaton, a 72 year old male patient, was found roaming downtown Denver with no recollection of how he got there. Paramedics brought him to the hospital for evaluation. The patient presents with progressive memory loss, confusion, agitation, and doesn’t know his last name. Identification in his wallet helped the hospital staff contact his wife. Upon the wife’s arrival, the patient seemed distant and unable to identify his wife Ethel. After multiple tests, the Care Team gave a Diagnosis of Moderate stage of Alzheimer’s (Diagnosis of Alzheimer's, 2013). Care Team Approach
An initial evaluation left the ER physician with a diagnosis “undetermined”. She ordered a CBC blood draw (Complete Blood Count) to rule out the possibility of other causes for loss of memory and confusion. The physician also performed a clinical…...

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