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Tasks - The parts of the tasks below that are in addition to tasks as shown the text are in italics.
1. Upon investigation, you learn that the town does not have a strategic plan or a mission statement. In your view, does this affect the current situation? Why or why not? Based on the facts provided, draft a brief mission statement for Dawn to review. In your statement, consider all the stakeholders who might be affected.
2. Based on the fact statements provided, summarize the maintenance department's most important strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Develop a SWOT Analysis organized in a table (or another easy to follow format as shown in one of resources linked to in the D2L SWOT analysis module).
3. Describe the specific steps you will follow during a preliminary investigation, including any fact-finding techniques you will use. Be sure to include the tools mentioned in chapter 2.
4. Compared to a profit-making company, is it more difficult or less difficult for a government entity to develop a strategic plan or mission statement? Explain your answer.

1. The lack of a strategic plan as well as a mission statement is a very important issue, as their absence could create a lack of direction and motivation for its employees. Without these items in place, workers may not know what it is they are working for or how to get there. Dedicated workers could become frustrated and resign themselves to their own individual, day-to-day outlooks, rather than working together for a common goal. Especially at the city level, long-term focus is essential to maintaining and improving their municipality.

Possible Mission Statement:
"To provide the employees of the Town of Eden Bay with a safe, well-maintained transportation fleet, while at the same…...

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