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- Sweden is a part of Scandinavia. With its 450,000 square km (about 170,000 square miles), Sweden is the third largest country in Western Europe – almost the same size as Spain or France, and bigger than California.

- Sweden is a long country: 1,574 km (about 980 miles) stretching from north to south. About the same distance as Seattle-Los Angeles (1,541).

-Sweden is, however, a small country in terms of population, with only 9.2 million inhabitants – which is about 0.1 percent of the world population.

- Consequently, Sweden is sparsely populated with roughly 22 inhabitants per square km. This can be compared to the population density in China (134/sq km), Hong Kong (6,688/sq km), India (318/sq km), European Union (112/sq km), Germany (231/sq km), Spain (87/sq km), U.K (246/sq km).

- Almost 90 percent of the population live in southern Sweden, where we also find the three largest cities, Stockholm (capital, 1.2 million inhabitants), Göteborg, and Malmö.


- Not more than one hundred years ago Sweden was a country of poor peasants and emigrants. From the end of the 19th century to 1930 1.5 million Swedes (a fourth of the population) emigrated, most going to North America.

- Today Sweden is a rich and well-educated country with large annual investments made in education and research.

Sweden has also become a multicultural country over the past fifty years. This is due to the fact that hundreds of thousands of people from different parts of the world have migrated to Sweden.

- Swedish is the main language in Sweden, but almost all Swedes speak fluent English.


- Sweden is a constitutional monarchy in which the king is head of state. However, the king has no political power, only representative and ceremonial functions. The Swedish kings have been members of the Bernadotte family since…...

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