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Business Rules and Data Models

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Business Rules and Data Models Big organizations like universities, colleges, banking and hospitals with large amount of data require a software that is able to organize the data and in the database. Therefore the primary use of a database management system is its ability to collect data, store and transmute it into informative information that can help business make decisions. In order to make this possible, a database must be able to reduce data redundancy, inconsistency, upsurge security features, reliability and allow concurrent access of the data and improve accuracy and accuracy. The most important purpose of such a database is to provide automated methods that are able to develop, store and retrieve data more efficiently (Chapman, 2014). There are several drawbacks that are associated with the use of conventional file systems. This is because of the fact that most of such databases applications are developed on top of an existing file system. For this reason, the following problems are expected. To begin with, is redundancy; it is a situation where a lot of file formats together with duplicate information is found in different files (Gillenson, 2005). Accessing such data is difficult and the duplication of data in a file system may sometimes require a new program to be written. Another problem associated with conventional file systems is the difficult in file isolation. This is due to the multiple files and formats in the system that makes it difficult to isolate files from each other (Chapman, 2014). There is also the issue of integrity which is evident in case there is need to add a new control in the file or change the existing control in the file. According to Science, sometimes file system may fail due to electricity interruptions or other problems such as…...

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