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Atmosphere-Very contemporary, fancy but still ‘hip’
Total Price-$22.50
The sushi at Takanami was very inconsistent. Their tempura roll combined incredibly sweet sauce with warm, fresh fish to create a roll so delicious that one bite sends shivers down your spine, but the tuna was fairly average and their specialty, the spicy lobster roll, was disappointing. While to sauce was intruiging, the actual roll had very little flavor.
Spicy Lobster-2 (spiciness-2 glasses)

Sushi Popo
Atmosphere-casual, but still well decorated
Total Price-$23.50
While Sushi Popo’s tuna roll was very average, it’s tempura roll struggled. The roll took risks, adding in cream cheese and a decidedly un-sweet sauce. Neither of these worked well. The cream cheese’s mushy texture clashed with the crispiness of the tempura, and the sauce was lacking in flavor. Their specialty, the Autumn roll (crabmeat, avacado, and cream cheese rolled in crispy tempura and fried veggies), suffered from the same problem. It’s sauce was very similar to the tempura’s, and none of the other ingrediants were strong enough to make up for it.
Autumn-2.5 (1/2 glass)

Jade Sisters
Atmosphere-very casual
Total Price-$18.18
Jade Sisters features some surprisingly solid sushi. While average rice and fish prevent the sushi from being anything special, there was not a whole lot to complain about. The tempura roll featured a nice little sweet sauce, and the tuna roll featured some surprisingly tasty fish. The specialty roll, the caterpillar (shrimp tempura, cream cheese and cucumber with a special house sauce) featured a very tasty sauce, although it suffered from having too much cream cheese. Cream cheese is an ingrediant that should never have more than a supporting role in a sushi roll, but this cream cheese was a little overwhelming.…...

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