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B2b market globally.
After considering the different ways in which our economy can be improved, we can understand the current state of the economies by analyzing the marketing strategies that are undertaken by business houses in a nation.

Marketing strategies will help the business grow in volume and hence is an essential element for an enterprise to survive. When a certain industry is under tough competition, that is if there are multiple players competing for the same prize there shall be an increasing successful marketing industry providing these services. The profits and growth of the marketing industry - be it online, viral or one to one, reflects on the mood of the economy.

Today, China has an online market place that has also catered to international business called ''.
The USA has various sites like Alibaba (B2B & B2C site) named Ryze that is similar to alibaba but also includes networking in it's gamut. India has various sites, the most popular (popular not successful) is Comparing the worthiness of these sites - takes first position among all. US sites come second and the rest follow.

Why do you think, a site born in China that caters to the world needs is so massively successful while their counterparts remain to be content with a smaller share? The reasons lie in the economic development of the respective nations.

China, a post communist regime turned democrat is the home to alibaba. The world largest population offers a brilliant market for businesses that have been given the opportunity to rise with time and cater to the needs of their nation. This has prompted the business houses to compete which in turn resulted in the growth as the world's largest online B2B marketplace.

USA on the other hand has a comparatively tiny population. Unfortunately this…...

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