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Please use the following scale to rate your fellow group members and yourself on the following dimensions. Please use the back to provide any supporting narrative that would illustrate significant contributions and/or distractions that would help the assessment.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Useless Poor Fair Okay Good Excellent Hero(ine)

Group Member Name (you are group member #1): Swati Jain Your Group #____8________

1 2 3 4 5

Preparation: Rate the extent to which the member had completed necessary assignments, had read related course material, was knowledgeable about class activities and material, was able to contribute to the group.


Input: Rate the extent to which the member provided valuable input towards projects, not so much that their ideas were selected for inclusion but the extent to which their involvement contributed to the group’s thinking, the degree to which they made constructive comments to help evaluate and enhance group papers, edited work.


Performance: Rate the extent to which the member took on necessary roles to complete group projects not that everyone did exactly equal shares of everything, timeliness in completing and distributing work, quality of work performed, in short did this person equitably produce.


Facilitation: Rate the extent to which the member helped promote a positive team climate, did they help facilitate constructive controversy or try to establish dominance, the extent to which they helped identify and enhance team processes, facilitate effective interactions, to what extent did they help the processes flow.


Citizenship: Rate the extent to which the member was a welcome addition to the team, including attendance at group meetings, on-time behavior to meetings and class, fill-in for notes when others absent, and general “good neighbor”…...

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