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Short Writing Assignment 1
In Sherman Alexie’s “Superman and Me”, he’s a Spokane Indian boy that found a love in reading books. Alexie was one of the Indian that didn’t live to the expectation of being an uneducated Indian. He later realized that his father was the reason for his success because he inspired him to do as him when he picked up his first book.
Alexie was one of six children his mom and dad had to rise on a minimum wage job in an Indian reservation. They were poor but in the reservation they were middle class because they’re father was educated and most Indians didn’t even have that. He said he had “an older brother, a sister who was deceased, two younger twin sisters and an adopted younger brother” (89). Alexie’s father was the inspiration to his life because of this, being that he was an avid reader. Books were the only thing that Alexie’s family really had an abundance of so he wanting to follow his father he felt it was perfect to read. Before Alexie found his love for reading; he discovered what a paragraph was. And this is all he needed to split the world he knew up into an exquisite story.
Initially, Alexie seen things around him in paragraphs like the Indian reservation, his family his school. Purpose being he had no idea what a paragraph meant but he knew it “was a fence that held words” (89) extracting from his passage. Then he picked up his first book he could remotely remember the first time which was a Superman comic book. In this comic book he started to split it up in paragraphs he could not read a single word but in the page he loves the most when Superman was breaking down a door. He made up these words I quote that uttered “Superman is breaking down a door”.
Alexis was an exclusion from most Indian boys of his time because his dad instilled…...

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