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Google Backs Startup Oscar Health Insurance

Douglas Macmillan, Sept.15, 2015 Summary:

Oscar Health Insurance Corp. is an insurance company with new health-care technology. Recently, Google said it teamed up with Oscar to develop new health insurance. One of Oscar's representatives stated that part of the company's goal is to help the new health technology products made by other companies have more space in the market, such as a contact lens that was developed by Google and Novartis AG that could monitor glucose levels from human tears. Oscar can be the best way to distribute this contact lens to patients. Compared with other insurance companies, Oscar built a better way to connect services with their patients. It could connect a patient with a physician for 10 minutes by phone. Also, it could help the patients to reduce their hospital bills and other costs. Right now, Oscar is available for people who live in New York and New Jersey. Then, the company plans to enter the market in California and Texas next year.

As we all know, health insurance belongs to life insurance. Oscar Health Insurance Corp. is using new health technology for its insurance program. It is a good way to develop the insurance industry.

Oscar Health Insurance Corp. is a company with new technology for people to have a new, good insurance experience. I was interested in it because it seems more efficient and convenient than the other insurance companies. The new technology that it uses could let the patients connect with a physician in a short…...

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