Students Under China’s Education Model, Who Would Never Be Creative

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Students under China’s education model, who can never be creative

Last year, a book published by the John M. Duff, Jr. Professor of Law at Yale Law School, Amy Chua, named Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, set off a bunch of discussions about the China’s education model in the worldwide. Is the education model which is “harsh, exhausting, endless practice questions” good for the development of children? Some people support it, especially some Chinese parents, who may even hold their arms to declare their endless fanaticism to this education model. Unfortunately, I do not have any resonance to them. As a student who grew up under that “unique” education system, I have much more understandings and sentiments to its malpractices.
A Chinese government official once said: “The West relies on advanced science and technology from immigrants.” The sentence is too assertive and goes so far on their single aspect. The evaluation of the government could only be in the “community” spread instead of being recognized by the other countries in the worldwide.
The most significant feature of China’s education is the set of the education system. The schools in China prefer indoctrination; therefore, Chinese students have very strong foundation, which a disadvantage to them. The reason of that phenomenon is Chinese students always afraid of new challenges. Compare with the students in the United States, Chinese students’ creativity is much worse. Whether it is from course reports, designing reports or final exams, Chinese educational institutions pays great attention to if the students fit into the “standards”. Chinese schools are both the stressful and stale places, forcing students to remember facts in order to excel in tests. (1)
Neuroscientists know that stress hampers the ability of the brain to convert experiences into memory, and psychologists know that rewarding students…...

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