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Shawna Davis
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Shawna Davis October 25, 2013


I. Strength:

How has this strength manifested in your current practice (please be specific)?

Individualization: I try to approach each or my patients, my patient’s family members, and my co-workers in a non-judgmental way. I like the challenge of trying to figure out what makes people “tick” or what motivates others. People have always told me that I Am really good at reading people. I enjoy finding out what makes each person unique and I enjoy learning how everyone is different. I think this is an invaluable skill as a nurse. Using kindness, tolerance, and empathy, I try to understand how each person can best receive information and then try to tailor my style or approach so that we can find a common ground or perhaps even a bond. I learned this skill early on in my nursing career as a psychiatric nurse but I have used it in every area I have worked in. I also try to use it with my co-workers. It’s an excellent skill to have in a team situation, I really enjoy getting everyone to work together.

II. Strength:

How has this strength manifested in your current practice (please be specific)?

Positivity: I have always loved being a nurse but I am especially lucky to bring life into this world, most days I go to work. It is an incredible honor to be there guiding the way for my patients and their family members. I have been a part of so many incredible experiences and I am so lucky to be part of such a great health care team. I try to remember this every day. It makes me smile just thinking about how lucky I am. Even days when the outcome is not positive (such as a fetal demise) I try to make a difference in my patients lives. I try to make even the bad experiences the best experience I can for my patient. I remember the time when…...

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