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Strategic Recommendation of Big 5 Sporting Goods and the Web
Debra Roberson

Foundational Skills for Business Leaders

Big 5 sporting goods corporation is a retailer of sporting goods and accessories. Big 5 Sporting goods strength is its merchandising strategy and its weakness is its dependence of a single distribution center. The company needs to improve their online marketing approach and find a solution for rising transportation costs.

Maurie Liff and Robert Miller founded Big 5 in September 1955. In the early years , Big 5 carried mainly World War II army surplus items, in addition to tents and air mattresses that the company manufactured themselves, house wares and hand tools. Big 5 continue to rely on print advertisements. In 1963, the Company trade name went from Big 5 to Big 5 Sporting Goods Inc.
Today, Big 5 is one of the leading sporting goods retailers in the Western United States, operating 416 stores in 12 states. Big 5 provides a variety of products at competitive prices which includes athletic shoes, apparel, and accessories, in addition to a broad selection of athletic equipment for team sports, fitness, camping, hunting, fishing, tennis, golf, snowboarding and roller sports.
Currently, Big 5 has a very limited use for the web. They post their weekly specials on the web page in portable document format (PDF). Big 5 have not evolved over the years with the ever-changing advertising industry and have stuck with their grass roots of print advertising in weekly newspaper ads. The company should update their web browser and incorporate a way for customer to do a live chat with an employee to answer questions or help to find a product. According to the Nielsen Media Research, Consumers are web-savvy, eighty-four percent of all sporting goods consumers access the web regularly. Seventy percent on a daily basis,…...

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