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Top Five Most Stolen Cars

Math 222
7 October 2013

There is a probability that cars on the top ten stolen car list would be stolen over other cars that thieves steel in the United States annually. There is a car stolen every 26.4 seconds in the United States today. According the National Insurance Research institute that is 715,373 in the year 2012. This paper is a statistical look at what are the five most stolen in the United States (US). Attempt to show the likelihood of one of these cars stolen from the Top Five Stolen Cars in the United States. I have also done my own research to show how many cars of the top five stolen cars are in the neighborhood I live in to support the data in this paper. I will also compare it to all the other cars that are not on the list so you can see how frequently cars on the top five stolen car list appear around you.
When compiling the data the realization that none of my sources raked the top five stolen cars in the same order. This is because the research materials were written in many different states. Researching further if I had used all the data together the data would give outliers in the statistical analysis. So I chose to use the data from the National Insurance Research Institute for this paper. Looking at the numbers, the number one stolen car in the US is the Honda Accord 58,596. Number two on the list the Honda Civic with 47,037 cars stolen. Statics show that it is in the number two spot with a difference of 11,559 cars between number one and two. This is the second closest difference so that shows it is very popular too. The third spot goes to the Ford F-150 for the national car 26,770 F-150’s were stolen in 2012 making it the first truck choice with car thieves. Being the highest ranked truck in the list it still is 20,667 behind the Honda Civic and 26,770 between the F-150 and the Honda Accord. Chevy…...

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