Standards Organizations

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Standards Organizations
June 15, 2015
James Mullen
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Imagine if you will the amount of data that flows through our communication lines at any given time, you will still be counting long after my lifespan and beyond, there’s that much data. What we witness as everyday patrons who succumb to the thresholds in data communication restrictions if it were to run without direction, then all of our communication would experience extreme latency during transfer. Because of this constant object standing in the way of smooth data transfers, Standards were put in place to monitor and maintain the process.

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers or IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers or IEEE, was officially formed in January 1963 from two individual companies the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE), and American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE). Together they would design what we have come to know today as our internet. The IEEE main function and purpose is to instill a scientific and educational means to advance theory and practices of Electronics, Computer engineering, Electrical, and Communications in their own respective fields. IEEE plays a very big part, much like a conductor for an orchestra, IEEE is the “conductor” and the instruments are the organizations that work under IEEE in organizing our data.

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
A well-known Standards Organization known as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), is an agency of the United Nations. Its original name was the International Telegraph Union, and it was founded in Paris in 1865. It serves the field of information and communications technology. Headquartered in Geneva, it has a membership of 193 countries and over 700 private-sector entities and academic institutions. It operates…...

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