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1. History of India and The World
2. Indian Polity and Governance
3. Geography of India and The World
4. Economy
5. General Science
6. Organisations
7. General Knowledge

Lord W. Bentick (1833–35): First Governor-General of India. Macaulay’s minutes on education were accepted declaring that English should be the official language of India;
Abolished provincial courts of appeal and circuit set up by Cornwallis, appointment of
Commissioners of revenue and circuit.
• Wars: Annexed Coorg (1834), Central Cachar (1834) on the plea of misgovernment.
Sir Charles Metcalfe (1835–1836): Passed the famous Press Law, which liberated the press in
India (called Liberator the Press).
Lord Auckland (1836–42): 1st Anglo-Afghan War (1836–42)—great blow to the prestige of the British in India.
Lord Ellenborough (1842–44): Brought an end to the Afghan War. Annexation of Sindh
(1843); War with Gwalior (1843).
Lord Hardings I (1844–48): 1st Anglo-Sikh war (1845–46) and the Treaty of Lahore 1846
(marked the end of Sikh sovereighty in India); Gave preference to English education in employment. Lord Dalhousie (1848–56): Abolished Titles and Pensions, Widow Remarriage Act (1856).
Made Shimla the summer capital.
• Administrative Reforms: Introduced the system of Centralized control in the newly acquired territories known as Bon-Regulation system; Raised Gurkha regiments.

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