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Unlock the Mysteries of Your Customer
Are you connecting with consumers the way they want you to? by Jill Avery, Susan Fournier, and
John Wittenbraker

This document is authorized for use only by Yin-Hao Chen in MARK-570_CONSUMER BEHAVIOR.SPRING.2015 taught by Rebecca Hamilton, at University of Maryland from December 2014 to June 2015.

For the exclusive use of Y. Chen, 2014.


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Unlock the
Mysteries of
Your Customer
Are you connecting with consumers the way they want you to? by Jill Avery, Susan Fournier, and
John Wittenbraker


onsumers have always had relationships with brands, but sophisticated tools for analyzing customer data are finally allowing marketing organizations to personalize and manage those relationships. With this new power comes a new challenge: People now expect companies to understand what type of relationships they want and to respond appropriately—they want firms to hold up their end of the bargain. Unfortunately, many brands don’t meet those expectations.
Despite the “R” in CRM and the $11 billion spent on CRM software annually, many companies don’t understand customer relationships at all. They lack
2 Harvard Business Review July–August 2014


This document is authorized for use only by Yin-Hao Chen in MARK-570_CONSUMER BEHAVIOR.SPRING.2015 taught by Rebecca Hamilton, at University of Maryland from December 2014 to June 2015.

For the exclusive use of Y. Chen, 2014.

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...Assignment Topics Marketing Strategy of an Organization Submitted To Md.Rakibul Hoque Lecturer Department of Business Administration Dhaka International University. Submitted By Name : Md. Kawsar Jahan ID: 36 Session : 2010-11 M.B.A-Batch-29th B Department of Business Administration Date Of Submission : 2nd May, 2011 Dhaka International University Marketing Strategy of Olympic Industries Limited  Over View  Product Service  Target Marketing  Pricing Strategy  Market Segmentation  Advertisement  Conclusion and recommendation Table of Contents Chapter-1: Over view 4 1.1 Company profile 1.2 1.3 Mission & Vision Business Portfolio of the company 1.4 Consumer Relations Chapter -2 Product service 9 2.1 Product lines 2.2 Specific product 2.3 Feasibility study Chapter-3 Target market 13 3.1 Target market selection Chapter-4 Pricing strategy 17 4.1 Pricing strategy 4.2 Pricing with the competitors Chapter 5 Market Segmentation /Distribution 20 5.1 Distribution channels Chapter-6 Promotional strategy 25 6.1 6.2 6.3 Promotion Why people choose Olympic products Promotional Images Chapter-7 Conclusion and Recommendation 30 Over view 1.1 Company Profile Olympic Industries, Limited, is one of......

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