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Roles in professional football

The footballers- The athletes who are professionally trained at football and have worked at it for almost their whole life.

Captain- The man who as a footballer himself, has to organise and lead his team. Quite often a role model for other players and fans.

Manager- The man who builds his team up to win competitions. He watches closely over his squad and works out positions and formations to make his team perform at the best of their ability.

Coach- This man will make the team go over set pieces and gameplay to make the players performance better.

Fitness specialist- This man will put players through a series of tough drills to increase the stamina and fitness of individuals . The fitness given is often used before proper training unless the entire training is based on fitness. He is responsible for making players on the pitch for as long as possible.

Scout- The scout is key when new young players are needed. The scout will look at soccer schools in search of a good young player which the team can develop and maybe sell to make a profit for the club.

Referee- The ref is a vital point of football because the game generally revolves around him. This man is the final decision in every situation. He is allowed to book (yellow card) or if necessary send off a player for dirty play.

Linesman- The linesmen are basically helpers for the referee. When The ref misses something, they can help him by telling him what they saw.

Fans- fans are very important as the money spent on seats is vitally needed for the club. Also the support given to the team and players creates a great atmosphere at the stadium.

Commentators- These people are quite often ex-footballers or people with much knowledge of the game. They help make games watched on tv much more interesting and exciting.

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