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Spin Master Toys Case Study
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Q1. What is the history of Spin Master toys? In April 1994, Spin Master business was founded by three university friends, Anton Rabie, Ronen Harary and Ben Varadi, who were graduated from the University of Western Ontario. These three friends decided to find out an opportunity in the corporate world and made Early Bird, and in just six months company sold 1.5 million of them, which was a great hit during that time period. Early Bird was a nylon stocking filled with sawdust and grass seed mounded into head, and after its immersion in water, the grass seed was sprouted which gave a head a crop of grass hair. In 1995, the company launched Spin Master Devil Sticks, which was made up of two hand-held sticks and was used to control the third one. This product was also a great success for the company and later on, the company was named after it, that is Spin Master Toys. By this time, the company covered the major retail segments in North America and also believed that the reason behind their success was avant-garde, grass root marketing savvy and a two tier distribution network. Also, for the following three years, the company produced products for the Canadian market with the use of very low technology and high margin toys. Spin Master never reached to the same success ratio as the Earth Buddy's sales. Later on, Spin Master mainly focused to build relationships with their retailers and investors and create research and development department. In 1996, the company joining with other toy companies approached the concept for compressed-air-powered toy plane which was designed by using plastic soft-drink bottle with wings that were attached to it. Spin Master bought all the rights related to this concept, but it didn't work out well till the next two years. Spin Master decided to roll out its Air Hogs…...

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