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Case Study
Case Study

Ilyas Morrison
Ilyas Morrison

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Summary 3
Results and Discussion Experiment 1 3 Task 1 5

Experiment 2 6 Task 2 6

Experiment 3 7 Task 3 8 Task 4 9 Task 5 12 Task 6 13 Task 7 14

Experiment 4 15
Task 8 15
Task 9 21
Task 10 22

Conclusion 24

References 25

a) Why might solving a problem present a business opportunity?
Discuss with explicit reference to at least 3 of the guest speakers.
An intrinsic quality of a problem is demand itself. Demand is a major, if not the most influential variable on a business opportunity, whether that be from a single individual or the entire population. As a result, a problem is arguably the primary source of an unexploited populace and/or economy and drive of innovation. The scale to which the problem is solved, measured relative to its complete effectiveness. In reference to a business opportunity I will refer to the definition according to Daniel Myska, “A business concept that, if turned into a tangible product or service offered by a business enterprise, will result in a financial profit”. It is explicit the effectiveness of which the product/service itself approaches a problem will directly correlate to the unconditional demand said product/service will receive and is paramount to the likelihood of a successful business idea. As well as this level of effectiveness of the idea, the degree to which objectives are achieved and the extent to which targeted problems are solved₃ also has incomparable influence, creating the most revolutionary strides in industry specific markets.
I believe all sources of innovation arise for a solution to a problem but for my first example, I will draw from…...

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