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COS211 Special Occasion Speech
Valerie Manno Giroux

Title: For A Very Special Person, On A Very Special Day
General Purpose: To wish my grandmother a happy birthday.
Specific Purpose: To tell the story of when she killed a snake in her backyard, which really represents her personality and why I love her. I. Introduction a. Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a great time and enjoying the party because it took me a great time to plan it. b. But yeah, I know you’re all probably bored to death after having to stand still and listen to all of these speeches and are probably thinking right now “oh no, here comes the twenty-year-old granddaughter whose going to ramble on for hours”. c. So, instead of standing here and listing all the reasons why I love my grandma and why I wish her all the best for her birthday, I’m going to tell a story. II. Encountering the Snake d. It was summer of 2012 and I was hanging out with my ex at in my grandma’s pool when all of a sudden we see this 3 feet long snake approaching he edge right where we were. You would expect that my ex was going to solve the problem, right? Well, the first thing he did was freak out life I did. e. We easily spent around 5 minutes trying to remember all those facts you here about how to react when encountering a snake, those that you never really pay attention to because you don’t really think its ever going to happen, and then another 5 minutes trying to figure the shortest way to get inside the house. f. Finally, we decided that the best solution was to simply run as fast as we could. We barged into the house yelling about the snake and my uncle, who was sitting on the sofa watching TV, jumped up and grabbed the phone to call an exterminator. III. Here comes by Grandma to save the day g. As he dialed, my…...

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