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Green Living
San Francisco
Garden of Eden Complex
Problem Solving

Location/Climate The chosen city for building this green architectural apartment complex will be located in San Francisco, CA. This location is chosen by it’s mild temperatures all year long not getting too cold nor too hot. San Francisco’s weather ranges from 46 to 75 degrees. According to Wikipedia San Francisco only exceeds 75 degrees slightly from May to October. San Francisco has plenty of beaches from the Pacific Ocean. During the summer is warm but breezy from the winds off the Pacific and during the winter it does not snow. It does rain frequently from November through March, which sustains life to the environment and to creatures around in the area. San Francisco provides a great environment ideal for green economic building. It gives the perfect palate for the canvas of green building. This environment climate is ideal for benefits towards the community and residence of the complex. Climate will play a role in how the building is constructed and steps taken for energy conservation. The use of natural resources will assist in many ways such the winds off the Pacific to help cool residences off in the evening and reducing the heat palate. There will be a windmill design on the property to use natural winds from the Pacific to power the complex reducing the energy usages especially during the summer. The fact San Francisco does not have extremely harsh winters leaves open possibilities for residences to plant and grow their own food on the property using natural resources, which in return will help the environment along with feeding residences and wildlife.
The green apartment complex will house sixty to seventy-five residents with approximately thirty-five units ranging from two to three bedroom condos. This building will represent giving back in every way including the…...

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