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Animal Adoption
I. You probably know what breed you are interested in, and what age would be the best fit for you.
A. Now is how you will adopt a new member of you family. B. There is one question left you ask you need to ask yourself. What do you expect from your dog? C. If companionship is all you need consider adopting from a shelter. If you’re seeking health, performance, and other things adopt from a reputable breeder. These should be the only two options when adopting a dog as state in Purebreed rescue dog adoption rewards and realities.
II. In Shelter dogs If you live in America you should realize that sheltering dogs is a big problem.
III. The number 1 reason for shelters pets is, irresponsible owners. It’s not the fault of the dogs themselves.
IV. A story called Seconds chance: inspiring stories of dog adoption says Dogs in shelters and rescues are harder to train because of their past experiences and training. With a little love and attention, any shelter dog can be turned into the one you want.
V. Today I would like to inform you about on how you can adopt a dog yourself.
(Transition: Lets start by looking at the options we have to adopt.)
I. The local shelter or pound is an excellent place to seek mixed breed dogs of any age. A. The shelter may receive pure breeds occasionally. You have to wait a little bit before the right dog comes. 1. Patience is the key into finding the right one. It will always be worth it, found in The lucky dog matchmaking service. 2. You can buy dogs from many places such as craigslist and websites, the newspapers, pet’s shops and other local breeders. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should according to Successful dog adoption 3. A lot of places have lack of responsibility for dogs. 4.The problem is lack of care of animals…...

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Something in this aspect, the chat feature adds a unique dimension to Internet poker. Of course, you can chat in live games, but if people said the same things in a live game that they sometimes say on the Internet, there would be a lot of bloody noses sitting at the table. Although some players abuse the chat feature, in general it adds a great dimension that allows you to talk to players from all over the world. Internet chat has created a lot of jargon to shorten the amount of typing required. One of the most popular is lol or Laugh Out Loud. Most players use this to laugh at how a hand developed usually in a bad beat situation, but it can also be used as a laugh in general. Arg is another common term used when someone is not happy with something. Some other common terms you will see include: :) :( Smiling face Frown vnh brb tx or ty woohoo zzzz t Very nice hand Be right back Thanks Celebration Going to sleep from the slow play Testing or time Planet Poker offers sound effects for some of these shorthand expressions, including loo where you will hear a toilet flushing, and tyvm (thank you very much) spoken by Elvis himself. You will see a few of these terms in the book. I only hope that no one will want to add "zzzz" to the text, lol. The Internet has created a whole new poker community. Internet poker is exciting, it is fun, and can be very profitable. Hopefully this book will put you one step ahead of your opponents to help you win more money and have even more fun....

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...shortly after the jet lag. Call me “Doubting Thomas.” I’m impressed by the Roman Catholic relics, but I need something less abstract. I need something real. Two weeks later, I’m folding clothes with Marjorie because I’m part of the St. Catherine’s Youth Group. Marjorie’s folding clothes because she’s doesn’t have anything presentable to wear. Her two children are in the playroom next door. She looks in their direction every few moments, sending a message through the wall: Mommy will be there in a minute. Marjorie hasn’t seen her husband since he left six months earlier, and she knows she’s all they have. I hold up a purple suit equipped with gaudy pink buttons, a subtle clown suit really, and say, “I think we can toss this one.” “No, hunny,” she says, “I’ll take what I can get.” The woman next to us laughs, but I feel uncomfortable. “God is good,” Marjorie says to no one in particular. “God is so good. Last week I was worried what I would wear to the next mass, now I have enough suits to last me until next month!” And that was my something real. In the face of Marjorie’s grateful praise, I feel selfish and stupid and ashamed. Here I am, with nothing to worry about. Everything I need, and most of what I want, is sitting right in front of me, a buffet to which I have an all-access pass. I worry about what hat to wear; she worries about having something to wear at all. When dinner time arrives, I hope for Filet Megon; she hopes to have food to put......

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