Some Analysis of Authoritarianism Pushes Back

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Authoritarianism Pushes Back

"It is an equilibrium in which democratic and authoritarian forces pushing against each other lead to a kind of balance reflected in the relatively static"(Paul R.Pillar). In Authoritarianism pushes back, Paul compares some mutual opposite arguments from different authors who were influenced by some significant events in the particular time such as disintegration of Soviet, Arab Spring and so on. Then he proposes his own opinion.
However, according to this article, it is not persuadable that the contemporary world is being a relatively balanced status of democracy and authoritarian to coexist.

First of all, the author merely testify one aspect of the argument by 2 reasons, but there are no causes or evidences to support the other side of the opinion so that this idea does hardly stand to scrutinize. This is primarily because the main point of the argument in this paper is the equilibrium. The author provide the motivation and the means as 2 interpretations to support his thought in the article, but these reasons can only prove the authoritarian force pushing against to the democracy. Whether the democracy could pushing back to the authoritarian and if so what the reasons of this power will be. And if not, the argument about the equilibrium is not acceptable. Therefore, it could not simply judge the tendency as a result of two kinds of power against each other to be equilibrium.

Apart from that, because of the partial using limits of the motivation by author, the thesis of this article is not persuadable. The chief reason for this is that the author define the motivation as retaining power in authoritarian (whether individuals or collective leadership). Nevertheless, the motivation of retaining power is the basement of governance in every country, both the authoritarian and democracy nations. For example, in the U.S, there are two…...

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