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Table of Contents 1. What is SRI? 1 2. Origins and Growth of SRI 1 SRI scenario currently 1 3. Difference between SRI funds and non-SRI funds 2 4. SRI and its importance in modern day business 3 Change of view 3 5. Strategies used by investor to invest in a socially responsible company 4 Factors considered by the SRI funds/investors for investing into any company 4 Sources to gather the information for the decision making process 4 Different strategy used by the funds to make SRI decisions 5 6. Two examples of SRI funds: Composition and unique features 6 A. Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund 6 B. Calvert Capital Accumulation Fund Class C 6 7. A Company with SRI investment: Starbucks 7 About the company 7 Sustainability initiatives 7 Controversies 8 ESG Ratings 9 8. Conclusion 9 9. Appendices 10 10. References 10

1. What is SRI?
Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is sometimes referred to as “sustainable”, “socially conscious”, “mission,” “green” or “ethical” investing. In general, socially responsible investors are looking to promote concepts and ideals that they feel strongly about. The idea is that if oneinvests in companies that cause social or environmental harm, then one is profiting from their evil.
SRI is an approach under which socially and environmentally conscious investors channel their funds towards those companies which have a positive impact on the community and environment, and avoid doing harm due to their operations. This approachcompels companies seeking a share of these investments to modify their practices to be eligible for such investments.
Investors may be investment funds, or individual investors. Individual investors seeking to invest in a socially responsible manner may do so in 2 main ways – identify and invest in companies themselves by direct stock purchase, or invest in a SRI…...

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