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International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering
Vol. 3, Issue 1, January 2014

Ms.P.Selvi Grija1, T.Preethi2, V.Ranjitha3, R.Vinothini4
Assistant Professor, CSE, Christ College of Engg&Tech, Pondicherry, India 1
Student, CSE, Christ College of Engg&Tech, Pondicherry, India2
Student, CSE, Christ College of Engg&Tech, Pondicherry, India 3
Student, CSE, Christ College of Engg&Tech, Pondicherry, India 4
Abstract: The main aim is to give a well understandable user friendly environment for Indian Fisherman to handle hazardous situation with the help of modern technology gadgets. One of the huge problems faced by Indian Fisherman is being threatened by neighbor country coastal guards for crossing IMBL. This is because of lack in knowledge of position system. This paper comes with a reliable solution for this problem and protects the Indian fisherman from dangerous situation and being crossing the maritime boundary and save their life and improve the safety of fisherman.
This made possible by developing an application in Android Mobile OS which is feeded in mobile computing smartphone device. The application uses the information of smartphone inbuilt GPS & GSM module. For positioning and give alert messages to base stations, friends & family. Keeping the lives of Fisherman in mind, this system has been developed to help them not to move beyond Indian Boundaries. On the whole it’s an attempt to build a suitable device for fisherman at low cost & user friendly.
Keywords: Android, Mobile Computing, Smartphones, GSM, GPS.
Today each & every Indian Fisherman face the problem of getting threaten by foreign navy and sea pirates due to lack in knowledge of IMBL due to this they face the problem of being…...

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