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Book: Fundamentals of supply chain management
Category: Management and Administration - Logistics management - supply chain management. | Author: Lu Dawei. | Year: 2011. | Language: English. | Size: 4640 kB. | Format: pdf. | Editor:
Posted in Virtual Pro: December 2012 - Management Systems processes in industry

- See more at: Fundamentals of supply chain management
Category: Management and Administration - Logistics management - supply chain management. | Author: Lu Dawei. | Year: 2011. | Language: English. | Size: 4640 kB. | Format: pdf. | Editor:
Posted in Virtual Pro: December 2012 - Management Systems processes in industry

- See more at: Fundamentals of supply chain management
Category: Management and Administration - Logistics management - supply chain management. | Author: Lu Dawei. | Year: 2011. | Language: English. | Size: 4640 kB. | Format: pdf. | Editor:
Posted in Virtual Pro: December 2012 - Management Systems processes in industry

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...The Not-So-Sexy Truth of Modern Slaves For less than the current price of an iPhone 5C, a person can be “bought” and brutally forced to have sex. In fact, someone could buy a couple people for the express purpose of sex in today’s underground market of sex trafficking. The average international going rate right now to have a sex slave is $90, while just two hundred years ago, the price for a slave was a $40,000 (Incencio). Contrast those figures with the fact that sex trade industry has blossomed into a cool $32 billion a year business. While it is inane to believe that a human life can be devalued at a mere $90, it is unequally as asinine to consider the truth that our own country, the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave,” ranks as one of the foremost perpetrators for sex trafficking in the entire world. At any given moment in our beloved country, it is estimated that there are least 10,000 people being forced to work whether in sweatshops, prostitution rings, or other businesses. This number is incredibly low due to the secretive nature, too, meaning, it is quite realistic to assume that there are so many more people being forced into scandals like prostitution (Tanneeru). Delving just a bit further into the facts, one can easily discover that our beloved California houses three of the top cities in the world for sex trafficking: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego (U.S. Department of State). Right now, the unfortunate reality is, while most people have heard......

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...Sexy Too Soon: The Media’s Sexualization of Our Daughters English 101-B13 Abstract This paper explores the ways media productions have become the main culprit in the sexualization of children. The Bratz Doll itself is a device of the media and all the media images posted on her demonstrates the extent of influence that media hype has on children. Kids are inundated with marketing to sell sex products, including but not limited to provocative clothing which interferes with the healthy development of kids. Harmful images embedded with media misconceptions objectify girls and woman. Children are being transformed into miniature adults with the Media assuming the role of guidance counselor. With both parent’s working in the majority of households, the Media also serves as a substitute parent. A lost childhood is a formula for disaster and long-term issues on all levels of functioning in society. Education, communication, and setting boundaries are essential in creating a reality mindset regarding media ploys. Teaching girls and women that they are not mere vessels of sexual pleasure; rather daughters of God designed to project intelligence and virtue (Proverbs 31:10). Understanding technology, including social media is imperative; however, it is a matter of discernment and balance. Sexy Too Soon: The Medias’ Sexualization of Our Daughters One of the epidemics in the world is the Medias ’sexualization of children. Women and teenage girls are sexualized and......

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...fragrances and cosmetics, celebrated supermodels and world-famous runway shows. It’s a segment under the mother company Limited Brands. The brand is targeted to the late-teen and college-age woman with Victoria’s Secret Pink and sexy product lines, such as Angels, Very Sexy and Body by Victoria. The company established brand associations of young, sexy and unique. 4Ps Product: Sexy, colorful and young design Price: Average, no premium Place: Pink decorated store chain, young and dreamy theme Promotion: Heavy traditional advertising on TV and prints. The company also held globally famous specialty fashion shows “Victoria’s Secret Show” annually with their exclusive models known as Angels. Customer base Victoria’s Secret’s targeted customers are young women at age of 16 to 40. The company has repositioned the brand in 2007 to appeal to younger customers who are college and young teen ladies with the sub-brand Pink . They started with separate special Pink stores but now already turned almost all Victoria’s Secret stores into the pink theme. The big gap is that the brand used to be older, more sophisticated and glamorous. Even in Limited Brands website, the company is said to provide product categories that make customers feel sexy, sophisticated and forever young . However, they recently make the brand too young, opposite with sophisticated; and their brand is more associated with young and cheap lingerie. The Victoria’s Secret Show itself also created a......

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...Wild, Sexy and Tempted Advertising is a form of communication, which allows companies to persuade customers into purchasing or consuming their products. Sex and sexual images have become more accepted in the mass media (magazines, television and internet) to persuade women to think that what they see in ads is more appealing to the eye than what they see in the mirror of themselves. A woman is portrayed in advertisements as sexy, wild, young, and thin rather as being successful, educated and realistic. The definition of a woman's characteristics has been manipulated by marketers, by using items women are associated with to define what kind of person she is, For example, the ad “b. tempted” from Glamour October 2011 issue (a magazine for young women interested in fashion, beauty and a contemporary lifestyle) illustrates a woman in leopard print lingerie positioned in a chair. Although it’s simply panties and a bra, its meaning is still complex. In this essay I will argue that women wearing animal print are portrayed as being wild, sexy and tempted. A woman no longer has a voice to express who she is; instead her apparel speaks for her. Women in various ads are seen wearing, portraying and mimicking animals to expose their wild inner self. For example, the woman in the “b tempted” ad is wearing a matching leopard print panties and bra set, symbolizing her wild, erotic side of being aggressive and untamed. As she is slightly leaning to her left side she is glancing at her......

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