Sexual Perversion

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Nagel’s Sexual Perversion
Regine Apeah
Ryerson University
Nagel’s Sexual Perversion
Regine Apeah
Ryerson University

The idea of sexually perverse acts can only be understood after grasping the concept of sexual desires amongst humans. Nagel (1969) mentions that like hunger, sexual desire has its characteristic object a certain relationship with something in the external world; sexual desire is a feeling about other people. The object of sexual attraction is a particular person that has features that make them attractive (Nagel, 1969). For example when different people are attracted to a person for different reasons, it’s ultimately because of the person. It’s important to know that not any person can be substituted as an object for sexual desire, and one cannot transfer an old desire to a new person, although the same desire and arousal will occur, it will be a new attraction with a new person (Nagel, 1969). According to Nagel (1969), sexual desire involves a kind of perception; there is the model of mutual desire and blanketed mutual perceptions of both oneself and the object- this brings about the “complex system of superimposed mutual perceptions” (Nagel, 1969, p. 10). In order to be sexually aware of someone, one must first be aware of themselves; this is the Romeo and Juliet scenario (Nagel, 1969). This explains why it is important that the partner is aroused, but also being aroused by one’s desire- it entails “multi-level interpersonal awareness” (Nagel, 1969). Sex serves many purposes and functions; by analysing such relation is the only way one can fully recognize sexual perversion (Nagel, 1969).
Nagel believes that countless familiar unconventionality creates shorten or incomplete versions of the complete configuration of sex as communication, and consequently may be regarded to as perversions (Nagel, 1969). There are…...

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