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Game 1: Lucky Dart
Begin by asking player to answer 5 questions. The number of dart attempt is equal to the total right answer.
Define the winning area in the dartboard. If the player hits the winning area, he will receive a small gift. If he hits the center of the dartboard, he will receive an additional special present.

Game 2: Obstacle course
Divide players into 2 groups.
The crossword has several rows making up 1 column with the key word. Each correct answer will open a row as well as one letter of the column. Questions are about Gender and Productive health. The first team to find the correct key word is the winner.

Game 3: Discover your body
Divide players into 2 groups.
The objective of them is to categorize the following cards into 3 categories: changes in males during puberty, changes in females during puberty, changes in both genders during puberty.
The winner is the group which get the most correct answers in the shortest time. Physical Growth | Oily skin | Acne growth | Concern more aboutappearance | Beard growth | Axillary hair growth | Greasy hair | Pubic hair growth | Breast development | Morning wood | Ovulation | Menarche | Vaginal discharge | Excessive sweating | Voice break | Hips widen | Shoulder widen | Sperm production | Increase penis size | Testicular enlargement | Sex hormone production | Irritability | Care about friends | Mood disorder | Start thinking about sex | Have feelings for someone else | Depressive disorder | More independent | Start thinking about the future | |

Key Males | Females | Both | Beard growth | Breast development | Physical Growth | Morning wood | Menarche | Concern more aboutappearance | Voice break | Ovulation | Greasy hair | Sperm production | Vaginal discharge | Oily skin | Increase penis size | Hips widen | Acne growth | Testicular enlargement | |…...

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...Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Concerns Gender equality is a global concern in the community, women, in particular, have been vulnerable to abuse by their male counterparts. Gender equality cannot be achieved until each woman has control over their sexual and reproductive health decisions, this includes the risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. This decision is important to determine the spacing of children and also avoidance of early pregnancies, for achievement of equality, comprehensive interventions should be implemented at an early stage such as schools and in the community setting. Educating the girl child is an important tool for empowering them to better their control over sexual and reproductive health decisions among the adolescents, (Parsons 1). The control over sexual and reproductive health issues is an important element in achieving gender equality. Women need to decide whether, when and with whom to have sex, they can make the decision on childbearing and have an opportunity to ask their partners to use a condom. Today there are millions of unintended pregnancies each year, this is an indication that women and girls are unable to make decisions for their reproductive health decisions. Statistics shows that early initiation of sex predisposes girls to a higher risk of HIV, STIs, and early pregnancies. Statistics shows that pregnancy-related cause is the largest contributor of mortality among girls of ages 15 to 19 years with close to......

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