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The five characteristics for human service professionals are: Self-awareness, Ability to communicate, Empathy, Responsibility/commitment, and Flexibility.

Self-awareness is the deep understanding of one's own self, this includes comprehending self-knowledge about beliefs, attitudes, values, stereotypes, biases, cultural and gender differences, and behaviors. Self-awareness is beneficial in diminishing preconceptions and opinions, allowing one to modify or change their "self" toward a client's perspective.

Empathy is the ability to see or feel what the client has experienced. Similar to self-awareness, empathy furthers the progression of understanding oneself and enables a provider to put their feet into the client's shoes. Providers who have experienced as well as relate to the client's situation have an easier time expressing empathy.

Responsibility/Commitment are ideal promises to a client. The provider shall support the client in whichever possible way is needed through responsibility and will offer the highest quality of service through commitment. A provider displays a strong presence of professionalism and acts to the best of their abilities. They will adhere to a code of ethic or conduct and will remain honest with their client throughout their service.

Flexibility provides versatility to a provider’s service. They may need to change, abandon, or revise plans if the program suddenly becomes difficult or unusual. Flexibility allows a provider to learn new alternatives to service.

Self-awareness is the most important characteristic to service through surpassing the limitations of one's own self. The "self" is defeating because of the ego, which limits one from discovering flaws and embracing new ideas. When we give too much into our ego, we are blinded by vanity, and how can one provide proper service when they are unable to see past their own…...

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