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...Unit 3: Seminar Assignment MT480-01: Corporate Finance Alicia Turner Kaplan University Professor: S. Lacewell January 21, 2012 Seminar Assignment Unit 3 1.) What effects do changing interest rates have on bonds? The effects of changing interest rates on bonds would be the bond prices. If the interest rates tend to increase then the bond value will go lower and if the interest decreases then the bond value would be higher. In a case of purchasing a bond, the bond starts off with a fixed rate until it starts to mature. For example, if i were to purchase a bond at $5,000 with a 5% rate for 10 years, if the interest goes up to 6% then the value of the bond that I purchased would decrease and it would be beneficial for me to sell that bond at a discounted price. 2.) How are stocks prices related to expected dividends? Stock prices are related to expected dividends due the return that a person would receive on their stock. If the stock prices increase then your return would also increase. If the stock decreases then the expected dividend would remain the same as when the stock was purchased. 3.) How does the P/E ratio relate to the value of a stock? The P/E ratio is related to the value of stock due to the fact that it lets an investor/buyer know how much they are willing to pay per dollar of earnings. For instance, if a P/E ratio is 40 it would tell us that an investor is willing to pay $40 for every $1 of earnings that is generated by that......

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