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Adam Luker
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ENGL 2201.U51
28 January, 2012

The Best of the Best of the Best Sir The standards of excellence set forth by heroes and heroines alike bring forth many important and equally fascinating comparisons with real life heroes and heroines throughout history. Heroes and heroines follow a very strict and well defined, predetermined path. These strict paths can be easily referenced at any point during a hero’s journey. The intriguing story of Gilgamesh can be compared in such a manner to real life occurrences of heroism as well as serve, in turn, as a model to follow. The fascinating story of Gilgamesh tells of a hero born of humble beginnings as an underdog leader seen as a tyrant by his own people and through mass paranoia is shunned and put at odds with the gods by means of prayer. Much like the beginnings of all real life heroes and heroines, Gilgamesh shows us that life sometimes, in fact, doesn’t go our way from the beginning. As with any hero and heroine, Gilgamesh cannot undo the hand he is dealt, he must simply prove himself through his actions. The gods responded to the subject’s prayers by means of creating Enkido. Enkido was meant to be Gilgamesh’s arch nemesis; yet through Gilgamesh’s actions over time, Enkido grew to love Gilgamesh as only a brother could. This could only occur if a hero or heroine is worthy of bearing the title given to them by fate. Eventually the kinship developed between Gilgamesh and Enkido would prove itself through the actions of Enkido. Gilgamesh and Enkido fight numerous battles side by side as many real life heroes and heroines do, but the final battle is the one that serves as the best example of sacrifice. Gilgamesh’s spurning of Ishtar’s advances send the goddess into a blind rage releasing the Gugalanna on not only Gilgamesh but Enkido as well. The two…...

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Self Reflection managing effectively is in the feeling that they are trusted. When your employee knows you are doing what is best for the company, and their own best interests, they will respond positively every time. Another area I feel I excel in is matching individuals with correct job functions. I have come across many individuals that are in a job function that do not match their personality. Specifically, a dishwasher I worked with was always negative. He did a great job and was efficient, but brought the staff down with negativity. I brought up the idea of making him a server. The fact that he did his job very well despite his negativity was to his benefit. He was given a trial run. It was a success! All he needed was a challenge. Self-Reflections – Lessons Learned 3 My nemesis is accounting. Oddly enough I enjoy math and some accounting but I have a difficult time figuring out income statements, balance sheets, depreciation et al. When I look at these statements, I become overwhelmed. I have taught myself the basics of accounting; more so the everyday accounting or rather bookkeeping for the business. As well as, menu costing, labour/ food cost and budgeting. However, accounting is not just bookkeeping and knowing which box to put the numbers in. I feel I need to know intrinsically how the financial statements come to be. This is the area where I need improvement. For the most part, my career has been fulfilling. I came out of the......

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...In taking the self-assessment exercise I was not surprised one bit by the result of this assessment. The Holland Codes reveled to me were Enterprising, Social, and Conventional. This just validates my preconceived notions of myself and through the following list of passions, values and motivations I try to instill all into my career and daily life as a Futures Trader. Passion: One of my greatest passions is helping others. When I was younger, I've enjoyed helping mom with her daily task. This sounds odd to most but how this developed is due to the fact my mom is both legally blind and deaf. As I grew older, that habit of helping others grew and I desired to help others as well. I like helping people find solutions that meet their specific needs. This habit also grew into the nonprofit organization I started three years ago. I'm passionate about making a difference. When I'm involved with a project at work I want to do my best to achieve success. I feel the same way about what I do in my personal life. Values and Motivation: My Belief in Others, It is my approach and attitude that lifts someone up when they are feeling down. Their uncertainty can be wiped away by my confidence. I believe it is contagious, the more I trust and believe in others the more you will come to recognize your “Awesomness.” Caring for others, as well as self preservation, allows you to lend a helping hand and to Pay it Forward. When we take a moment to convey the most simple sings of generosity it......

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