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Journey to the Center of the Earth
This movie is about a volcanologist whose name is Trevor Anderson is visited by his 14 year old nephew, Sean Anderson to have a vacation. In one of Sean belongings was a box which has his father’s, Max Anderson, things in it. One of those things was a book that was said that his father, Max, was the author. The book was titled “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. Trevor investigates about the book and in his laboratory it showed that there is a dormant volcano in Iceland. Trevor and Sean travel to Iceland and they encounter Hannah Ásgeirsson. Hannah offers them help to climb the volcano but while the group was hiking a lightning storm forces them to take shelter in a cave, the cave’s entrance collapse which made them trapped inside the cave. They continue their journey leading them to the bottom of a volcanic vent, the floor breaks and they began falling towards the center of the earth. After their journey they start seeking a way back to the surface, along the way, they found evidences that someone had been there hundreds of years ago. Trevor found some of Max’s things. While Trevor and Sean are examining what they have found, Hannah on the other hand discovers Max’s body. They buried Max’s body on the beach of the underground ocean and Trevor read Max’s letter for his son, Sean, found in his journal. Trevor then discovers that his brother died due to dehydration because of the hot magma surrounding the center of the earth. Using information from Max's journal, Trevor determines that they must find a geyser that can send them to the surface before the temperature rises to 200 Fahrenheit or else they will also die and they must reach the geyser within 48 hours or the water for the geyser will have evaporated. They built a raft and started another journey in their journey they’ve encounter ancient fishes, dinosaur,…...

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