Saving Money by Using Power Management

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Saving Money by Using Power Management

In the first paragraph of your Case Project, please give the purpose, situation, or outline of the topic you’ve selected. For example, CP 3-2 on page 147 of the text book indicates Gigantic Life Insurance is looking to save some cash, but I’m not going to give you the paragraph for your paper. Just give a basic recap of the paragraph in the book. It may be nearly word-for-word.

The second and third paragraphs allow you to describe the proposed solutions, procedures, opinions, thoughts, positions, or whatever is required to satisfy the case objectives. Write this paper in the voice the text requests or just as a written response to me. These papers will not be read to the class, nor will they be harshly graded. The purpose of the Case Projects is to engage critical thinking in the realm of the subject and communication of ideas. This is not a writing course, but written communications is important in the IT world. Your final paragraph should include a recap of the objective and solution.

Please remember to keep the audience in mind. If your selected topic is a letter to other IT folks, you may use technical jargon without a ton of explanation. However, if you’re to write a user policy for example, you should tone down the tech talk to end-user level.

Remember to include AT LEAST one external source in each of your papers. This source may be anything you’d like as long as it has something, anything, to do with the subject and comes from a reputable source. We will be using the MLA standards for our citations. I have included a link to Purdue University’s OWL web site at the bottom of this paper. It’s a great source of information for these papers. You don’t need to create a separate “Works Cited” page, but you may if you wish. Just include information either at the end or in the body…...

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