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Presidential Election 2008

In 2008 Presidential election, history was made by choosing Barack Obama as the first African American President. This election was eminent because of the possibility of either the first African-American president or first female vice president, Sarah Palin. It was the time when economy was struggling. There were two costly ongoing wars of 8 years, subprime mortgage crisis had taken hold and the nation was hurdling towards recession. Senator McCain represented the status quo of Republican Party which was believed to be responsible for the crisis at the time. After coming in lead in Republican Primary, John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential Candidate. This choice had a very positive effect in the beginning. After announcing Palin as the presumptive VP nominee, the McCain campaign received high favorability numbers and had unified the Republican Party.
Contribution to the campaign went up. The Campaign had not only surpassed Obama in white women voters, but also amassed a lead of five percentage points in the Gallup polls. She was phenomenally talented and had the ability to connect with the masses. However as media researched further, people’s perception changed and they started to realize that Senator McCain’s choice was negligent and done in haste.
Factors that Influenced John McCain’s Decision There were many reasons behind McCain’s choice of Palin for the VP candidate. The campaign had to do something out of the ordinary to bring the “change “. Below are few points that I believe played a major role in her selection.

1. Palin was a young, conservative woman of five children with a huge success in her career besides her modest background. Her selection seemed to be a seamless at the time as it created a statement about the American culture.
2. The campaign thought that her many economic and political…...

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