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Sanger Automotive
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1 October 2013

Sanger Automotive Companies is a privately owned company, made up of eight luxury car dealerships in areas of Florida and Georgia. Sanger has become known for its customer service as well as luxury class cars and loyal customers. In September of 2011, Sanger explored the possibility of a franchise agreement with Fisker Automotive, in southeast Florida. Fisker has one of the worlds first truly luxury hybrid vehicles which was intriguing to Sanger, especially with the vacant dealership availability. The U.S. electric passenger car industry in 2011 was described as being in its infancy, because it is still a new concept to buyers. However there are signs of growth from 2011-2015. Buyers do not consider the car because of price, travel range and vehicle size, along with other secondary concerns. U.S. buyers of electric passenger cars are segmented very specifically; Middle aged, large income and a warm climate urban or suburban area. There is also a lack of familiarity with the vehicle technology, in relationship to the vehicles price. This causes hesitation with buyers, because the higher the price the less willing to pay buyers become. To appeal to potential buyers a customer value proposition could be, “Drive economically, in luxury. New environmental friendly energy powering your ride in style.” This would not only separate these cars from competition but also clearly state their purpose,
Fisker Karma Sedan should be positioned in the marketplace as a family car for someone with a well paying job. The sedan will be priced in the area of $102,000, which is a very expensive car but is considered desirable but obtainable by wealthy people. Fisker should target people willing to pay, but also have families and more than one car, but still want a more luxurious, desirable car. Considering its environmental benefits,…...

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