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To: All Staff and Lab Students
From: Lorrian McMaster, Assistant Costume Designer
Date: September 31, 2015
Subject: Advertising Shows

It has come to my attention that The Ring Theater performances are not really advertised to the public and the entire student body to the best of our ability. It is so bad that only the students in the school of theater are the only ones who really know about our shows and maybe their families. We need to start having more full houses and try reaching out to everyone. Therefore, I am introducing a new policy that mandates that employees come up with a new way of advertising the show to the public every Wednesday, as it is our slowest day. Some ideas we could start with are making flyers for every school on campus as well as calendars, shirts that we would wear around campus or even pens that we could give out with the public with the information about the shows.

If you do not work on Wednesdays, I suggest you still come up with ideas and submit them to Gema, the staff manager, on Tuesday before you leave and she will implement them on Wednesdays. I believe that if everyone that works in the shop presents a new idea and it is enforced as a team weekly, we definitely would have more sold out shows and this will also give our actors more opportunity to show case their talent to a larger crowd and potentially to recruiters. We work too hard not to be recognized!

Thank you for your cooperation and I look forward to hearing everyone’s creative ideas.


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