Saints and Sinners

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I don’t know if this rhetoric will fit to be a good prose,
Neither am I sure if it will be laden with any literary devices.
Not to talk about poetic quality to adorn it like thorns on a rose;
But I pray the questions inherent provokes your thought
And set your mind and heart on a soul searching spree.
It might even help your spirit soar and set your conscience free.
But firstly, show me two things and let’s proceed; a sin and a sinner.
And the difference between a righteous and a self-righteous spinner.

Yes, I binge drink and you occasionally gulp in a couple of spirits.
I wear condoms and aid in abortions while you literally kill people.
Just like my liking for the color green and you, purple!
You also point fingers at me for smoking while you safely harbor in lust;
Avariciousness is what you wake up to yet you call me a thief;
You spit on my existence and what I stand for, like a dustbin;
While calling me names because I don’t indulge in your kind of sin;

You call me a sinner while you live your illusive life as a saint.
Forgetting that you cannot see through any object with a taint.
How about removing the log in your eyes first – objectivity.
Before proceeding to quenching my thirst – positivity.
You sex two or more people yet call me a prostitute – subjectivity.
We both engage in different and varied degrees of vices – relativity.
So just allow your good self to live and let’s live – adaptivity.

I want to be free; devoid of your labeling theories.
To be referred to, as an individual and not this or that
Hence my resolve to be true, thorough and tough,
A force to reckon with and not to be written off,
Accept my flaws for it is not your call to judge.
Just do your bidding and wait for the clarion call,
The only moment to know the true saints and…...

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