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October 19, 2015

Everybody loves a great vacation. From ice cold Canada to beach bum Bermuda, the experience is unforgettable. People tend to under-appreciate the journey itself. Soaring across the empty sky while the infant immediately to your left is screaming in tears. SEAT BELTS ON, nausea sets in while the G6 bounces through turbulence. Playing with gravity and the relief of being on ground again after crossing a continent. Flying is an event that can easily be terrifying, so ensuring a safe flight for all is mandatory. The safety of the majority is more important than the privacy of an individual.

What a way to make a living! From performing strip searches to detaining potential felons, the thrill of threat, and the opportunity to ensure a safe flight for all is my job. Every day must be taken as seriously as the next when dealing with potential terrorism. I’m the big ugly man that you awkwardly make eye contact with and wish you never did. My duties aren’t easy. I work to provide safety and well-being to executives, families and friends. Anything that makes me slightly anxious is taken as a threat. It’s not always easy, when groups like Muslims are targeted for random searches more frequently by my own coworkers than any other religion. I feel ill after thoroughly questioning a potential traveling terrorist, and letting them go after an hour. Regardless, I understand that it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Everyone deserves equal treatment, and that’s what I put forth when providing my security service’s at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

I get to live out my dream every day. My career relies on transporting people from point A to B. I look good doing it to, my suit tailored to perfection. My glistening badge proudly representing Canada. I’m always ready to shake a few hands after a steady flight, but…...

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