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Introduction : 1
The social and political context evaluation research: the utilisation of evaluation results : 2
Negotiating the evaluation : 3
Process of evaluation research : 3
Conceptualisation and Diagnosis : 3
Appraisals, Needs, and Impact Assessments : 4
Formative evaluation : 4
Programme monitoring and process evaluation : 5
Effectiveness and efficiency Assessment : 5
Evaluation design : 6
Purposes of evaluation research : 6
How will evaluation research be used : 6
Guidelines for maximising the utilisation of evaluation research results : 7
Conclusion : 8
Bibliography : 9

Evaluation research, sometimes called programme or project evaluation refers to a type of research rather than a specific research method (Babbie, 2001). It concerns itself with determining whether a social intervention, policy, or programme has produced or not produced the intended result (Cloete, 2006). Rossi, Freeman, and Lipsey (2004) define programme evaluation as the use of social research procedures to systematically investigate the effectiveness of social intervention programmes. Patton (1986) has defined programme evaluation as the systematic collection of information about the activities, characteristics, and outcomes of programmes for the use by specific people to reduce uncertainities, improve effectiveness and make decisions with regard to what those programmes are intended for and affecting.
When conducting evaluation research policy makers, funding organisations, planners, and programme staff need answers to a number of questions: Is the intervention reaching the appropriate target population? Is it being implemented in the ways specified? Is it effective? How much does it…...

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