Royal Caribbean: Exotic Promises and Toxic Waters

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Unit Seven Case Study: Royal Caribbean: Exotic Promises and Toxic Waters
August 6, 2013

Royal Caribbean and other cruise companies use images of excursions in pristine waters in their marketing campaigns. However these cruise companies are illegally dumping in the waters they are using in their marketing campaigns. Oceana, an organization that campaigns to protect and restore the world’s oceans performed an analysis on illegal dumping by cruise companies, compiled from reports by the Environment Protection Agency and the cruise industry (Johnson, T. & Arnold, D., 2007, p. 554). The research shows that the typical cruise ship can produce up to 30,000 gallons of sewage a day (Johnson, T. & Arnold, D., 2007, p. 554). Also known as “black water” it may or may not be treated before being dumped into the ocean (Johnson, T. & Arnold, D., 2007, p. 554). Water produced from laundries, showers, kitchens, and engine operations, also known as “gray water” generates more than 200,000 gallons daily (Johnson, T. & Arnold, D., 2007, p. 554). Add in the oily bilge and ballast water and other debris, multiply the output by the number of ships plying the oceans, and it is easy to see the pollution problem and the harm being done to the fragile coastlines and reef ecosystems (Johnson, T. & Arnold, D., 2007, p. 554). With cruise companies using images of excursions in pristine waters in their marketing campaigns, they should have more respect for the oceans’ life.
Despite multiply fines and numerous punishments given to cruise ship companies, illegal dumping continues to occur. It is the cruise companies’ responsibility to cease illegal dumping in the oceans. It is the cruise ship companies’ obligation to follow the Clean Water Act, the Clean Cruise Ship Act of 2004, and the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships, not the responsibility of the customers…...

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