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Grenoble Graduate School of Management
Behaviors at Work and Psychology Organizational Behavior Segment
English Track Year 2
Dr. Joseph C. Santora, Affiliated Faculty October-November 2013
Course Module Description
This 12 hour organizational behavior segment of Behaviors at Work and Psychology focuses on leadership. It begins with a definition of leadership, differentiates the concepts of leadership and management, offers insights about leadership traits, and ends with a discussion about various leadership styles. Lecture, discussion, case analyses and experiential exercises are instructional methods used in this highly interactive module.
1. To establish a definition of leadership through a historical review. 2. To differentiate between the concepts of management and leadership. 3. To present trait theory and discuss various leadership traits. 4. To evaluate and analyze the different styles leaders use. 5. To apply leadership concepts through case study analyses and experiential exercises. .
Session 1
Introductions: Personal and Team Arrangements Powerpoint Presentation: Leadership
Activity: Moon Survival (do not complete)
Case Analysis: Barry Town: A time to lead, a time to manage (read)
Video Vignette: Xerox and Ann Mulcahy (do not read)
Session 2
Powerpoint Presentation: Leadership Traits
In-class activity: Trait Exercise (do not complete)
Video Case Analysis: Bill Campbell and Intuit
Session 3
Powerpoint Presentation: Leadership Styles
In-class activity: Leadership Grid (do not complete)
Case Analysis: Josh Martin (do not read)
Leadership Style Video: Styles with Employees
Session 4
Oral presentation by teams based on Case Study.
Course Assignment
Students will…...

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