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June 11, 2013
Darcy Vernier

Romanticism Romanticism was an era that originated mainly in Europe toward the end of the 18th century. Romanticism was a worldwide movement that emerged within the kingdom of literature, law, philosophy, religion, art, and politics as a collective reaction to perceived excesses of the Enlightenment ideal of reason. This era was mainly based on emotions that showed in most of the art work, poems, and even dance choreographs. In this paper will focus more on poetry, dance, and painting in this era and the people who inspired the world with their work and made to history. One of the most significant women artists of this era is Rosa Bonheur who was born in 1822 and lived for 77 years. Rosa was a painter who showed so much interest in painting animals, but what was unique about her is that she studied her subjects very carefully and was able to transfer the nature into her paintings. The horse fair was one of her many amazing paintings, but this one in particular won her a gold medal and was famous worldwide. “Le Marché aux Chevaux (The Horse Fair) established Rosa’s international fame, and was sent to Ghent, Belgium where the important Belgian art dealer Ernest Gambart noticed and later purchased it” (The Art History Archive, p. 322). She was honored and recognized by so many people and in many places between Europe and the United States. Some of her paintings are in the National Museum of women art. “Rosa Bonheur will be remembered for her fidelity to nature and her animals. Her understanding of and love for the subject was projected through her luminous and realistic depictions, while at the same time she did not trivialize the subject. She will also be remembered for her fiery independent character” (The Art History Archive, p. 322). William Wordsworth was…...

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