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Del Carmen, Michelle
Felizardo, Miguel
Moynihan, Danny
Tan, Miya
Yatco, Jethro
August 28, 2013

A. Assessment of the Mall

Retail Audit by Classification
*See Appendix A

Target Market Description
This mall caters to a demographic of young professionals with an age ranging from 23-30 both male and female genders either single or newlyweds in the B and C socioeconomic classes. they are the dominant demographic that the mall caters to this is reinforced by the abundance of the available condominiums within the area making the mall and the area around it a mixed use development. this ensures the inevitability of the residents of these condos, which will most likely be yuppies due to the “condo living” nature of these residences, will definitely buy from nowhere else but robinsons magnolia since it is just simply convenient to do so. Although the mall is situated in an area with quite a number of educational establishments such as LSGH and it gets a lot of visits from students that are in the area it is really still the yuppies that bring in the most business since they are the ones that have the most purchasing power. any revenue produced from the students is usually either on impulse such as an after final exam binge or the fact that it is really just the nearest place to make a purchase so the mall also leverages on a contained market since it is one of the first and newest in the area. The most prominent competitor would have to be green hills yet Robinsons has succeeded in creating a niche target market since the green hills targets a far broader demographic in comparison. The products offered in Robinsons also differ a lot as compared to the products of green hills. While green hills has more…...

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