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The strategic management report for Noki

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1.0 Introduction of Nokia:
Nokia is the second largest mobile phone maker by unit sales in the world at 2012 (only after Samsung).And Nokia also is one of the world's largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers.Nokia also produces mobile phone infrastructure and other telecommunications equipment for applications such as traditional voice telephony,ISDN,broadband access, professional mobile radio, voice over IP, wireless LAN and a line of satellite receivers. Nokia Corporation engages in the manufacture of mobile devices and mobile network equipment,as well as in the provision of related solutions and services worldwide.The company has four main business functions or segments: Mobile Phones, Multimedia, Enterprise Solutions, and Networks.Nokia was the worlds largest vendor of mobile phones from 1998 to 2012.

2.0 SWOT analysis:

2.1 Strengths:

3.0 The analyzing of external environment(PESTEL analysis):

PESTEL identifies the political, economic,social, technological, environmental, and legal factors that of which directly affect a company.

3.1 Political/legal forces:
Along with the development and deregulated of marketing,both of operators and manufacturers are free to act independently of government intervention. In some countries like India and China where have partial regulations,government does do some interventions.For example,Nokia have moved one of its manufacturing factories in India recently,they have to follow the rules and regulations like minimum wage,the maximum hours employees can work during a week and especially be aware of the Health and Safety regulations(search from the website of computerweekly). Those rules are to prevent any strong stress or revolt from employees which will ultimately damage the…...

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