Riordan Manufacturing Proposal

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Riordan Manufacturing System Proposal
October 10, 2013

Riordan Manufacturing System Proposal
Executive Summary Team C’s goal is to facilitate Riordan Manufacturing in improving profitability by reducing employee time on actions and processes that are automatable and avoidable. Team C’s objective is to reduce costs and inefficiencies while adding the ability to improve inventory tracking from raw material beginnings to product sales throughout Riordan Manufacturing’s plants and facilities. A new manufacturing resource planning system (MRP) will allow Riordan Manufacturing to grow and remain competitive. Team C will work to create an MRP system for use by Riordan Manufacturing for tracking inventory and improving manufacturing tracking systems. Team C is confidence that one server in a central location will allow each of Riordan Manufacturing’s facilities to manage inventory better and improve the processing and storage of all data. Housing a backup server at another location will protect data for Riordan Manufacturing. This will save in labor costs by having fewer IT employees at each of the facilities that no longer house servers. Currently when shipments arrive the supervisor is responsible for checking in the material to coincide with the shipping orders. At the end of the day a clerk enters this information into the database. Team C will utilize the use of bar scanners to eliminate unnecessary paperwork. The use of bar scanners will free up workers to be available for other projects. This will also add to the saving in labor costs because of the automation of the bar coding system. Information will automatically transfer from the bar scanner to the database. This process eliminates the step of manually entering the data into the database system continuing to save on labor costs. This process will entail new pieces of hardware along with a…...

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...poking around in the main system. To sign into the system at work, users will access a link on the company intranet. There is no need for additional login, because the users are already logged into the company network, regardless of their location (Borysowich, 2010). For users outside the company network, they will need to connect to the Riordan Manufacturing network a VPN client, and then enter the system using the intranet link. This does not create any extra steps for the user, because users operating outside the company domain are used to connecting via VPN to access their company email accounts. Users that require system access on their smartphones, tablets, or other mobile connectivity devices will be required to first connect to the company VPN using an application (“app”) such as Cisco AnyConnect or JunosPulse. After they are securely connected, they will be able to access the company intranet, which will allow them access to the unified system (, n.d.). After security, the next concern for an internet-based system is accessibility. What happens when the internet goes down? Users at Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. will enjoy system access as long as they have power. Because the main databases are located at the company headquarters, and the system is accessed via the company intranet, employees at the company headquarters will be able to input and view data from the system even without internet access. Each of the major outstations will......

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