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nokia makes a crisis out of an opportunity
The unveiling last week of the much anticipated Nokia Lumia 920 handset was supposed to be a good news story occasion for the once dominant Finnish telecom company. Instead it turned into a case-study of HOW NOT TO launch a smartphone.
Nokia has fallen on hard times since Apple and Google came on the scene with their respective iPhone and Android operating systems. Last year in 2011 Nokia took the decision and ditched it’s Symbian OS and forged a strategic alliance with Microsoft in the hope that it could re-establish itself as a key player in the smartphone market. All that was needed was a clean marketing and communications campaign.

It all started to go wrong for the Lumia 920 handset after the impressive launch in New York with Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer present when video reportedly shot by the phone’s PureView camera was reportedly faked. Nokia even withdrew the link for the promo video from it’s YouTube channel (which is below). Stills that were also supposed to have been taken by the phone’s camera, which claimed to be ‘better than most digital SLRs’, were outed as having been taken by a DSLR at a photo shoot in Helsinki. A picture of the shoot even appeared on Hacker News site.
Nokia has invested it’s future with it’s partnership with Microsoft. The hardware on the device is good. The promotion and lack of understanding of how the online community is, by the looks of it,…...

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