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S. M. Atia Naznin1
S. M. Atia Naznin (2011). Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in Bangladesh: an overview. Bangladesh
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In this era of globalization and rapid expansion of world economy, intellectual property and the corresponding rights over intellectual property are crucial to the economic, social and technological development of any country beyond doubt. Globalization also has made the Intellectual property rights a subject matter of international concern. All nations who want to promote and project their development in all aspects must protect the rights over intellectual property by granting legal veil through exclusive enactments. Realizing this fact, all industrialized nations and by now most developing countries of the world have enacted laws for the protection of ‘works of mind’. To comply with the international obligations Bangladesh also has introduced intellectual property rights protection system. This research paper explores to seek how enforcement mechanisms in Bangladesh are intrinsically precious, effective and thenceforth, worth in protecting the rights of IP holders. As an obvious flow of discussion the paper reiterates to look beyond the constraint and formulation of a comprehensive legal framework for IP protection.

Key Words: Intellectual property, trademarks, copyrights, patents, enforcement, globalization. Introduction
In today’s world intellectual property surrounds us in nearly everything we do. No matter what we do, we are surrounded by the fruits of human creativity and invention.2 In the knowledge based new economy the…...

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