Regression Model for State Suicide Rate in the U.S.

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Subway is the world’s biggest sandwich chain. It overtook McDonald’s as America’s biggest fast-food restaurant by number of outlets in 2002, and achieved the same feat on a global scale in 2010.

1. Marketing

Advertising Campaign

* Subway targets more of the younger generation aiming at nutrition consciousness, these would include ‘empty nest 1 and 2’ (singles and newly married people) and ‘full nest 1 and full nest 2’ (family with young children and that with grownups still living with parents).

* Subway also focuses on hard sell approach in terms of the functional benefits and attributes of the menu being offered while the soft sell approach is inclined towards the nutritional value gained and often gets to be criticized for the hefty amounts spent for ad campaigns and promotions.

* Jared Fogle “The Subway Guy”, first came to media attention in 1999 when Men’s Health magazine did a story on how he became obese by eating junk food and not exercising and then proceeded to lose 245 pounds by eating Subway sandwiches. Fogle is now the face of Subway marketing. He tours around different schools and promotes healthy eating to children.

* Mark Blackwell is Subway restaurants weight loss hero in Australia. Blackwell was inspired by Jared Fogle to develop a diet of his own design that included Subway sandwiches.

* In the year 2002, the outlets’ low fat sandwiches were promoted showing Mark Blackwell having lost 42 kilograms after a year of Subway consumption, thereby, elaborating much upon the functional attribute.

* Later Subway started it’s in game text campaign accompanied by custom creating and text messaging to attract game lovers.

Marketing Message Subway Used to Become The Largest Restaurant Chain in The World

* Bret Thorn at Nation’s Restaurant News recently spoke with Subway CMO Tony Pace about its marketing…...

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