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Reflective Statement
During the course of my studies in Behavioural Health Science unit we had the opportunity to propose, for a case study, a solution/s for some issues at a mental health hospital that were occuring in one of its wards. There were varied issues of concern within the ward including those relating to nurse injuries and resident aggression, ward facilities and those relating to widespread use of PRN and seclusion and restraint. Our group's main focus was on patients and the use of PRN and seclusion and restraint.
In the course of doing the assignment and having had exposure working in an aged care facility, I found seclusion and restraint as one issue that featured prominently in my mind. Residents, often have dementia and pose a great deal of problems with aggression especially physical and verbal aggression. One issue is how to deal with these?
At the aged care facility, often times they are strapped in lap belts or in the extreme they are given medication so they can "rest". I found this compared very similarly to what was in the case study. Further, only the other day while on my shift a certain patient, who I had only just met, was screaming and shouting. He had indicated he needed the toilet and according to the care plan he had to be hoisted in order to do this. The resident would have none of it!! He insisted he can stand up by holding on bars in the toilet on his own. My buddy and I, had an issue in our hands on how we could handle this?
I have learnt a lot during the course of the unit and one thing I have learnt is that, for behavioural issues of concern, that giving medical intervention alone is not the best solution. There could be a myriad reasons a patient may be behaving inappropriately including that they be asking for help due to physical, emotional and physiological needs. It is our role as nurses to have strategies that seek…...

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