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Assessment 1- Reducing Risk, Company: R.M Williams
RM Williams clothes and boots are steeped in history and the company has been trading since 1932 and has coined itself as “The Bush Outfitter”. Their functionality has always been core to their business.
RM Williams is unique as they manufacture, distribute and retail their products and brand. They have been Australian designed and made, with high quality materials and great cuts.
At the launch of Regional Express Airlines (or REX as it is known), the staff, Pilots, and flight attendants all wore RM Williams clothing and footwear. This moved RM Williams from just country clothing consumed by country people to clothing consumed by business people, and a business. Not only was the airlines bringing country people to the cities, it was bringing their fashion too. Perhaps RM Williams was expanding their target market from predominantly rural and country people to city people, and further segmentation to the urban young professional. The target market shift may have been due to economic forces – RM Williams looking for more stability from a city market, not just from people from the land, who had good seasons and bad. What was once a utilitarian need being met, may now be a hedonic need being met – or both.
The distribution of RM Williams clothing and boots has also changed with the times. From its humble beginnings of a mail order business, to only in a limited amount of stores and presence in Myers, the store locations have increased to some 50 stores and 900 stockists, worldwide and now on-line shopping.
RM Williams also have a mobile shop – The Longhorn Express. This mobile shop can be viewed at various agricultural shows and selected events. You can even contact RM Williams to request they attend an event.
With so many stores and stockists for their products, as well as The…...

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